Project Inspire XXI ... #NatalieLevy

Community Coach | Empowerment & Online Business Mentor

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I introduce - Natalie Levy
Founder of Babes Who Brunch Club
( New York, NY )

I had just recently booked a trip back to New York on a whim to bring in St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the city with some friends. I was scrolling through my explore page on Instagram and came across a photo. You never know what to expect once you click to view the full profile of other Instagrammers, but I found this particular profile to be different than most. I read ‘ Community Coaching Life ‘ followed by photos of a woman who seemed to be well traveled, adventurous, bold, and surrounded by other women in an office/network event setting as opposed to bars/restaurants. Since her location popped up as NYC, I decided to inquire about meeting up at some point during my visit - the rest is history.

I love Instagram for the simple fact that it provides the opportunity to meet exceptional people around the world.

Natalie wasn’t always as self-confident and self-motivated as she is now. In the interview, we discuss a bit of her upbringing to look at the pieces that formed the foundation of who she has become today and how she uses her skills, abilities, and network to support the dreams/goals of other women through her Babes Who Brunch Club.

Take a look at the video below, share your thoughts, and don’t forget to check out the links underneath.

Instagram | Babes Who Brunch Club | Website

Thank you, Natalie - for your honest and open dialogue and creating a community for women to continue lifting each other up to reach new heights.

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- MG

Artist Reincarnated ... 9.5%

Re-introducing the dopeness that is …

Artist | Painter

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Jordan Ages
( Atlanta, GA )

Jordan was the first artist I featured on ‘Misunderstood Genius’ when I started the Project Inspire series. Since then, he has grown as an artist and as a person - it is truly apparent in his recent expressive artworks.

I followed up with him to discuss the changes in his perspective on life and art, both personally and professionally, while also touching on how he was able to re-ignite his fire within this last year to start off 2019 with a bang!

Be sure to check out the video along with his artwork in the links below!

Instagram | Facebook |

Thank you, Jordan - for your passion for art and vulnerability during our dialogue.

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- MG

Life in Design ... 9.4%

Artist | Designer


“ Stay humble, hustle hard. “ - K.C.

I introduce - Kathryn Colohan
( originally from Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA )

I stumbled upon Kathryn’s involvement in the design world via a marketing post for a design conference. From there, I decided to reach out and message her about discussing her time in the design industry thus far.

With these interviews, I want to shed light on more than just what the individuals currently do, but instead give you a little insight to the journeys and paths that lead up to their arrival.

Check out the interview below and feel free to send Kathryn any questions you may have as a current and/or future artist/designer: | @katcolo | @nightowlprint

Thank you, Kathryn, for honing your craft and using your skillset to its full potential to set creative fire to firms and agencies across the industry.

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- MG

Sofa Talks with an Educator ... 9.3%

Special Education & Behavior Analysis Specialist

I introduce - Jennifer Riley
( originally from Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA )

I sat down with Special Education Pre-School Teacher and Applied Behavior Analysis Specialist, Jennifer Riley, to discuss her journey, her love for the study of behavior analysis, and the difficulties she has faced as an educator.

Jennifer has had quite a number of breakthroughs in regard to resolving behavioral issues in special needs children. We touch on some of the toughest experiences she has had thus far and how she manages to continue to give 100% each day.

Our educators deserve so much more credit than we as a society give them. I hope this interview sparks constructive thought and sheds light on the emotional, mental, and physical strain that comes with being a full contributor to the future of our up and coming youth of the world while also enlightening you on children’s ability to learn.

Check out the interview below and feel free to send Jennifer any questions you may have as current/future parents and/or teachers:

Jennifer, thank you so much for being available despite your strenuous schedule and for truly being such a dedicated educator.

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- MG

Creating with Mehwish Wasi ... 9.2%

Mehwish and I met due to a mutual friend sharing her work with me via Instagram. After finding out that she was a full-time software consultant, I wanted to know what inspired her to pursue this particular craft so heavily in her spare time - from creating a website to producing a number of commission pieces for local markets and Atlanta residents.

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From our dialogue, both on and off camera, Mehwish has such a bright personality - coupled with intellect and humor. It was refreshing to see someone fully immerse themselves in a form of artistic expression and openly discuss the ups and downs of their progression as an artist.

I had the opportunity to stop by her creative space this past weekend - check out the video and her website below!


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- MG