Project Inspire XVIII ... #EliseBerggreen

Actress | Screenplay Writer | Voiceover Artist | Dancer

I introduce - Elise Berggreen
(from Phoenix, AZ to New Orleans, LA / Atlanta, GA / Los Angeles, CA) | IMDB | Instagram | Twitter

Despite her busy schedule, I was able to catch up with Elise for a bit here in Atlanta while she is currently working on several upcoming projects.

The interview consists of how her career started, what continues to motivate her, her experiences in regard to the #METOO movement within the film industry, and how important your social circles are for positive growth - just to name a few.

She is truly a light and a pleasure to be around!  Elise, thank you for making time to be available and telling me a little bit of your story.

Watch the video below - share and comment your thoughts!

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Lend a Hand ... 8.6%

Because you never know when you may end up in a similar situation.

Offer insight to those around you - let them choose to accept or decline.

Attempt to prevent others from making poor decisions and/or make mention of a better method.

If you have connections - forward that person's information who is in desperate need of a job or looking to excel in a particular field.

Please do not let the ' I don't want them to end up being better than me ' mentality stop you from completing selfless acts.

If you know you can change someone's day for the better, then do so - it is not about what they did or did not do for you.

Think less about what you can receive and more about what you can give.

It's simple.

These acts of kindness do not require money or an extensive amount of your personal time.

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So, You're Tired? ... 8.5%

Well, who isn't?

You are working forty hours a week plus whatever you can get to make ends meet.

You may be displaced and still working your way through college.

You are the oldest sibling of three and you are all they have - fulfilling major roles.

You have no idea how next month's rent will be paid.

You are in need of a vital career move to center yourself in a positive direction.

Blood, sweat, and tears.


It is beyond tough to say the least. 

You may be falling apart at the seams day-in and day-out, yet you are still here.

Remember what you are working towards.

Remember what brought you here.

Where does your motivation stem from?

Think good thoughts.

We are out here.

I am out here.

Let's go!

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Who Are You? ... 8.4%

You may spend your whole life trying to be the opposite of the very thing you dislike ...

... only to realize that is exactly who you have become.

What do you do when your mistakes have far exceeded those that you once spoke down upon?

What does it mean to discover the very person you wanted to shield him/her from has been a version of yourself the entire time?

What happens when you disparage an 'enemy' or group of people time and time again only to see them when you look in the mirror?

It can be a tough lesson and very humbling to say the least.

Every now and then we are able to muster up enough courage to take responsibility for our past and present faults and/or mistakes ... and if we truly knew ourselves the way we claimed to know half of the time in life, then a change would take place - or even damage control.

Sometimes we spend so much of our precious time trying to prove to others who we are or are not - that all the energy and hard work placed into creating our version of 'picture perfect' has a way of becoming our greatest downfall.

Strive to be your best self at every opportunity presented, but always be mindful of your reason(s).

So, who exactly are you trying to be and why.

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