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Food Influencer | Personal Blogger

I introduce - Sarah Puett
Founder of Atlanta’s Best Bites

photo by: MG

photo by: MG


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Sarah moved to Atlanta, Georgia almost 5 years ago from a small town in North Carolina. She is almost a full year into her food blogging journey and is already a stand-out foodie in the city.

She loves all things food (of course), architecture, various forms of design, and exploring/discovering everything the city of Atlanta has to offer.

In this interview, we discuss her journey into food blogging, her personal experiences moving from a small town, what continues to motivate her, and issues that we as ‘millennials’ tend to struggle with in life.

Check it out below!

Thank you, Sarah - it has been a pleasure to get to know you more over these last few months and I commend you on your work ethic and tenacity!

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- MG

Breathe Out ... 9.0%

Got an interview coming next week, but I have a message for you ‘til then …

Breathe Out

Right now
Whatever you are holding onto …
Breathe out
And let it go …

Free yourself
From your past
From your mistakes
From your worries
From those causing adverse effects in your life

Never be afraid
Never doubt your strength
The ability …
To remove yourself from an environment
To move upward and onward
To pick yourself up despite how far you have fallen …

Choose to be strong
Choose to be a light

Hold only onto things that bring you joy
Seek happiness
Remain true to yourself
Be mindful of your health
Don’t get lost into chasing a monetary idea of wealth

Free yourself and just be
Always be the best you that you can be …


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- MG

A Day with Stefania ... 8.9%

Australian Model

I introduce - Stefania Ferrario
( originally from Canberra, Australia)

Blog Cover Final.jpg

So, how did we get here?

Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on a couch in Upper Manhattan wondering what the day will bring forth.  I'm swiping through Instagram stories, sipping on a glass of room temperature water, and I see that a model I've followed since 2014 is coming to New York.  Her story reads, " any photographers or artists in the area, I'd love to collab, send me a DM " ...

I'm aware that she has over 600,000 followers and her inbox might be completely overloaded, but I replied anyway: " Hey, I'm actually here visiting friends and family from Atlanta - I'd love to do a quick 5 to 10-minute interview about your journey. "

Fifteen minutes later, I checked my phone and see this message, " Ok, let's do it! - I arrive Sunday late-afternoon so let's touch base then! "

After spending nearly an entire day together - honestly - she is one of the most charismatic, genuine, and kind souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

See for yourself.

Thank you, Stefania - for being open to meeting with me and discussing a number of topics both on and off camera.  I truly appreciated our dialogue.

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Meet-Up: #Samoht ... 8.8%


A little back story, I had the pleasure of interviewing Samoht via FaceTime over a year ago after discovering him on Instagram - if you want, you can view that interview HERE.

Samoht Cover Final.jpg

Simply put, I knew the homie had talent after hearing a few of his songs on Soundcloud, but speaking to him allowed me to get an idea of his character and a little insight on who he is as an artist.  We planned to stay in touch since then and have maintained a banter consisting of jokes, encouragement, music, and other creative dopeness.

When it comes to artists that we discover - as fans of the music - you never know when the opportunity will present itself to actually meet them in person.

It is such a great feeling to have one of your favorite artists become one of your friends.

I'm truly grateful for these moments and experiences.

Here's a little of what we discussed while I was visiting in New York, check it out below:

M X X N  W A V E

Samoht Cover Art.jpg

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Sam Payrovi, Consortium ... 8.7%


Consortium Pop-Up NYC | 60 Grand St. | New York, NY

As some of you may know, I recently spent some time in New York seeing friends and family.  I was itching for a break, hoping to feel inspired and get the creative juices flowing again.

This is one of three interviews I did while visiting - I could feel myself trying to get reacquainted with being in front of a camera again.  For those of you who may not know, I used a GoPro to film all of my past interviews and recently upgraded my equipment in hopes to motivate myself and improve my content.

It felt so great to be back in a city I had not stepped foot in since I was probably 17 years old.  My experiences were incredible and I would not change anything about it for the world.  Things have a way of working themselves out when we least expect it and I could not be happier with how it turned out in the end.

First video back in a minute and It was entirely spurred of the moment.  Who knew that looking for a specific tattoo parlor would lead to my first video.

Consortium is a league of its own - I was immediately drawn to the look and feel of the place.  I mean, when you walk into a place - you see a bar cart with Makers Mark and Corona - dope tunes playing on SONOS wired throughout the place - you just gotta' love it!  The owner, Sam Payrovi, was nice enough to chat with me about the store and their products. I told him a little about what I was trying to do here while in the city creativity-wise and he was all for filming a few shots for my video.

So, enjoy as there are more videos to come and check out today's podcast episode as well, HERE!

Thank you, Sam! I really appreciated your time and learning what the #CTSM in Consortium really means!

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