ART : Music ... #ChrissyandKevinPost

While biking along the Manhattan Beach coast, I stumbled upon this couple playing ukuleles just off to the side of the pathway.

I asked if I could take a photo/perhaps record a video and struck up a conversation about the California weather, music culture, housing markets, gentrification in the U.S., restaurants, millennials in business/culture, baby boomer era - very intriguing and enlightening dialect - an interaction I will never forget.

Two people sharing their love for music together on the beach - without any worries because they have each-other.  

Chrissy said, " we try to come out and do this once a week - time doesn't slow down for anyone - we try to enjoy it while we are able - you're young, I hope you do the same - don't get so caught up in the nonsense - just live and enjoy your life. "

I felt inclined to share this moment with you.

Thank you, Chrissy and Kevin