Project Inspire VI: The Achievement ... #MickeyFactz

Artist, Emcee, Lyricist, Producer, Creator, and Achiever.

I introduce - Mickey Factz
Bronx, New York 

" Never thought this day would come to fruition, I do this for my achievers who kept wishing " ...
- Mickey Factz, " The Achievement "

I was able to do a phone interview with one of my favorite rappers, more importantly someone who has inspired me - not only through his music, but also as a person.  Such a humble and down to Earth type of guy - a truly genuine individual that I fully respect.  He reminds me that he's just like me - out here in this world striving for greatness, improving daily, and never giving up on what he believes in.  

Listen to the interview below to hear us discuss his debut album 'The Achievement' and what continues to motivate and inspire him in life ... 

Be sure to check out his debut album - please support good music!

Mickey's Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Thank you, Mick - for everything!