SHIPS : 104

Everyone wants to fall in love, but ...

" Oh, his eyes are too dark. "
" She's fine and all, but she could lose five pounds. "
" Oh, he's not light-skinned enough. "
" He's a great guy, but he doesn't make enough money. "

We miss out on great people because of hang-ups that should't even be hang-ups to begin with ...

" Oh, he's too lanky, not enough muscle. "
" She's smart, she's loyal, but she ain't freaky enough for me. "

We're too busy pointing out the negatives about others instead of noticing the positives - so concerned with what isn't being brought the table that we miss what is already set in place.

So, what is with all of the excuses?

Do we push people aside because we feel we can do better?
Is it easier to continue to pass on potentials because 'the one' is next?
Are we just too afraid to take a chance on someone, but in all actuality ourselves?


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