Adventure ... 4.4%

Don't ever let anyone tell you that a dope music playlist can't make a hike worth every step, no matter the distance ...

... cool-crisp air with an overcast, dope breezes, a couple of Clif Bars, and the homie ...

Stepping out and getting a breath of fresh air is one the best things for your body and overall peace of mind.

We get so caught up in the conflict that surrounds us in the world, that we forget to detox ... stress release, refresh, and/or re-group.

Amidst all of the pressure many of us tend to deal with in life - do not forget about your well being - your mental state - it affects our bodies much more than we realize ... deem it a silent destructor.

Stay active. Meditate.

Have moments of reflection on your goals and aspirations throughout the week.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be motivated.

To be the best version of yourself, regardless of the naysayers and negative energy that continues to arise around us.

I urge you step outside of your limits.
I urge you to remove yourself from within your box.
I urge you to get up and get out.

Get something ... and be someone doing it!