Friendship ... 4.5%

What is a true friendship to you?
What do you value in a friendship?
Does one trait outweigh another?
Which are necessary for a lasting friendship?

To me - a true friendship is when you can see and are able to acknowledge not only the positives, but also the faults of another being all while still supporting them fully in their endeavors ... 

You accept them for who they truly are - not just in the public eye, but behind the scenes - at their most vulnerable state where display of character is so crucial ...

That defines it.

If we truly have their best interest at heart, then we should be honest and upfront in our interactions - promote growth at all times. 

We may be aware of their weaknesses, but there is never a time where it calls for a reason to use it against them - we make them aware as to assist in recognizing those weak points and serve as building blocks to strengthen them as people.

They say that a complete stranger will often treat you better than someone you have known for years sometimes, but I believe there are far too many variables involved to consider that treatment " better " ... because the role of kindness can be played for seconds, minutes, or even for an hour or two at a time - deem some of those performances 'Oscar-winning' ... performances we all have experienced at least once in life. 

Months and years of camaraderie build strong foundations - true bonds that can't be tampered with or broken with ease.

I will admit - I have watched friends come and go - each have left me with lessons learned.  I am continuing to learn a lot about myself and am able to see bits and pieces of my growth personified.

Impressions are everlasting, so always put your best foot forward.

And whether you can only count your true bonds on one hand - be thankful for the strength formed within that bond for it has and will continue to shape you.