A Lesson ... 4.3%

I learned that you reach a point in life where you will never be able to tell your side of the story ... as much as you want to, there will be times when you just won't get that chance.

I had to come to terms with letting others falsify things to make themselves look better or look like the victim.

Some people are prone to believing one thing and one thing only ... you're then left with a group of people who make decisions with lasting outcomes, but are never aware of the entire story.  The truth is forever known by the remaining far and few - and if that truth ever escaped to the other side in full - the favoritism and loyalty would sway away in the wind like a hurricane ... that once upon a time successor/overachiever/exceptional individual in the public eye would be looked at as the complete opposite.

You just have to trust that one of these days it will all come to light, but NEVER for the " I told you so " ... only so it's not a mistake that's made again and for all the wrong reasons - though by then, the apologies won't matter - null in void - too far gone to even make a difference.

It is a painful thing when you know the truth and it's a story that will never be heard - you have to accept that you were deemed the 'bad apple' - the catalyst - and move forward accordingly.

You will never be able to persuade those who never attempted to seek both sides of the story to begin with ...

... and it will never be worth your effort to try.

Why is that?

Because they would have sought your side had they cared enough about you in the first place.

Sometimes we are meant to lose ...

We lose things we value.
We lose people we care about and highly respect.

... for many reasons, yet sometimes for no reason at all.

Press on regardless - know your worth, trust yourself - never play yourself.