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For those considering, wanting, or maintaining a relationship ... 

Relationships require a vast amount of effort from both parties involved, but also a great state of self awareness.  If you are not willing to ponder about any of what I am about to mention, then you may not be ready for such a commitment.

Here are some things to consider ...

1. You have to be able to stand on your own mentally and emotionally to the point where you do not have to rely on someone to " fill a void " or assist you in accomplishing your goals - YOU ARE your best lover, your best friend, your best motivation, your best support, but also your own worst enemy.  No one will be able to complete you and/or make you whole ... you are responsible for that.

Now, it may not come easy for all of you, but making progress to get to this point is what you should strive for - as it removes the added pressure and tension we put on ourselves thinking we are incomplete because we have yet to find a significant other.

2. Consider having a routine - those who are organized tend to be under less stress.  Whether it's work, gym, meditation, out with friends or work, gym, and personal projects (DIYs are great) ... stay busy.  Don't dwell on why you have not found that someone or something - keep working on yourself in the meantime - that way you won't have any doubts on whether you are ready when the right person comes along.  

3.  Also, know what you want - know what you are looking for in a significant other (i.e. girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband) ... formulate your dating to where you date those who possess the few and/or some of the traits you are in search of - don't negate any chemistry from the start of the beat, keep a 'go with the flow' attitude.  You have no idea what can come from it, so keep things positive - be optimistic when dating/looking for your significant other.  Always give those you are interested in a chance until they show you why you shouldn't - never be too quick for the blame game - identify any issues if they arise and attempt to find a solution - when you don't attempt, you are essentially giving up on yourself..

4. Don't lose yourself or your identity once you end up in a relationship - that is when you start to rely on the other person involved too much - it not only hinders your growth, but also the growth of your relationship.

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- MG

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