Clarity? ... 4.7%

There are many things in life that we will not understand ...

... why we have arrived at this place.
... why we have certain things.
... why we are without others.

Strive despite feeling like something is missing or out of reach.

Has it ever truly crossed your mind that you may not need all of the materialistic things and/or people that you desire ... or that you think you need in your life ... whether for your happiness, pride, survival, or comfort?

In order to fulfill your true potential, you must break from the normalcy that you hold closest to you ...

You must step out, step away and propel yourself forward.

If you are not willing to fall, then you are not willing to grow - you are not allowing yourself to be better.

In failure, there is growth.
In discomfort, there is perseverance.
In darkness, you will find your own light.

No matter who you want to be or who you want to become - no matter how many people look up to you, praise you, or compliment you ... you must look to yourself - you must believe in yourself.

There is no greater admirer of you than yourself - there is much to achieve once you believe.

So, just believe - in you.