Good Morning ... 4.8%

When you wake up in the morning ...

... how do you feel?
... what thoughts cross your mind?

Other than ...
(Let me get one more hour)
(Why did that dream have to end?)
(I really want to quit my job)
(Is school really for me?)

Regardless of the thought(s) you may have, what really gets you out of the bed to start your day?

Do you meditate, do you say a prayer, do you run through a list of goals in your mind to accomplish for the day - maybe you do all three or none of the above ...

You would like to continue laying there and resting your eyes - but here rush in the realization of obligations, responsibilities, and ultimately ... your conscience.

Each time one of these cross your mind - you have a choice to continue waking up and doing the EXACT same thing you have continued to do for months and years at a time ... OR you can wake up and pinpoint exactly what it is you do not like about your current living state.

Maybe you want to exercise more because you are tired of what you see in the mirror - yet you have not set aside time to exercise due to a busy work schedule.

Maybe you are tired of living week to week not knowing which bill you will have to pay late this month or which days you will be forced to eat light just so your groceries will last.

Maybe you are worried about going to classes for something you have realized you are truly not passionate about anymore.

We each have our own battles that cannot be compared to others.

So ...
Don't compare.
Hang in there.
Continue to strive.
Remember that consistency is key.
Always bring forth 100% of your efforts.

Make your life worth living by waking up every morning and going after everything it is you desire - no second guessing - no complaining - no what-ifs ...

Don't ever give up on yourself despite your circumstances and remove any room for regret.

Create your own reason for waking up each day and living life to the best of your ability.

- MG