Spoken Word III ... #MisunderstoodGenius

' Fancy '

Without soul, there isn't body
Without heart, there isn't mind
So refreshing to be a part of both
To witness her growth and see her evolve ...

Quite elegant in her own way
No need to fancy such a treasure
A solid piece of gold so to speak
Worth more even, because you and I both know
You can't put a value on a life - material things come and go
But a being, a true being such as this one
One who believes in shining her light
And shedding kindness onto others beyond their belief ...

Well, I'd say she's in her own class
I'd say she deserves the world
As a true queen in her own right and to many others
Even those yet to see or realize
But she's not for everyone - she's special ...

Oh she's fancy, yes
She's fancy in a way beyond what you could imagine
And if you ever had the pleasure to find such a treasure
You'd hold it close, you'd take good care
You'd know it's irreplaceable, you'd know it's unlike any other
You'd know - it's not for everyone
You'd know that it's her ...

And so, oh ... she's just, fancy.

- MG