Now or Never, Choose ... 0.7%

I feel like one of the hardest things to do in life is act like you're okay, even though you know you're not ... you want to improve, you know you can do better, and you want to make changes to create a better life for yourself and those you deeply care about.

Truthfully, you just have be dead serious with yourself about changing your life ... whether it's your physical, mental, or emotional state ... you can't half-ass it even a little bit.

Do you want change?  Well, let's start by putting in the work ... continuously and consistently ... don't stop, even when positive changes start taking place.  Create discipline, so that you don't relapse into old habits or thoughts that once held you back.

Negativity is everywhere these days ... be above it!

With every ounce of heart you possess, believe in yourself and your abilities 100% - even when others doubt you ... know that people will always doubt ... strive to prove them wrong and smile back.

It's all a process and we know great things take time - it's the patience aspect of it that most of us tend to struggle with ... it truly is a virtue.

Keep your head up, take one step at a time, and remain focused ...

Time is one thing we will never get back, so if you're passionate about anything in this life ... step up and give it your all, leave nothing on the table to second guess.


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