SHIPS : 101

When people apologize for doing something wrong and/or out of character, but continue to make those same mistakes ... do yourself a favor and leave it all where it presented itself.

Know that you deserve better - respect is necessary - move along and don't look back ...

And maybe you already know how to handle these situations while others may not, but there's nothing wrong with a little reminder.



Introducing the SHIPS segment into the blog featuring little tidbits of advice, insight, etc every so often that can apply to all types of relationships/scenarios.  Let me know your thoughts - again, I'm trying to make this experience as personable and open as possible - to where just about anyone can relate.  Feel free to inquire via the comment section below or privately via email ( ) if you have something in particular you'd like to discuss or see posted.  

I would in no way call myself a guru, but I can't say I have ever given bad advice, nor has anyone said to me, " man, that didn't work. "


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