Talk Is Cheap ... 1.9%

A few months ago, someone said to me, " I would've moved mountains for you if you needed me to " ...

Well, said person had multiple opportunities to make themselves present and attempt to move those mountains - but guess what?  They never showed up for the occasion(s). 

A lot of people in this world are all talk, they will tell you anything you want to hear once they realize you could care less ...

Once they see you're on the verge of moving on and their chips are on the line - they'll say anything to try and change your opinion or make you think you're overreacting or just plain ridiculous ... they will want to play the victim.

Stick to your guns. Don't revert back.  Don't offer anymore chances ... just move forward, completely.

It will always be actions over words for me, but patterns over both.

When I first started this blog (and this is written in the about section) ... I wanted this experience with my audience to be personal ... to include some of my own experiences and tie them into my posts, whether anyone would be able to tell that they were clearly associated with me or not.

I hope that these posts continue to help someone - anyone - who is out there on their journey to success.