#NajwaDebian ... 2.0%

" Be the one to always give and not expect anything in return.  Give, not to avoid being hurt, but to feel content with what you can do yourself, to be independent, to be happy without needing anyone to give you happiness.  Be like a breeze of change that inspires others to see their abilities without needing you to stay.  Make people think.  Make them wonder, and let them know that what you give is only based on what they are willing to take.  Don't attribute your success based on whether you make a difference with everyone you meet, but on the kind of difference you are willing to make.  Accept that you have no ownership over people even if you do give them more than you receive.  The effort that you put into inspiring others to value their own selves, and to see the best in themselves, gives them two choices: either to take it or leave it.  Whatever they choose is not a sign of your success or failure unless you believe that to be the case. "

- Najwa Zebian