Open Your Eyes ... 1.4%

Gonna' start this first post of the week off short and sweet ...

" The influx of dating apps have given a mirage of endless options, an illusion of ' trading up ' for some ideal you hold in your mind.  We fall in love with empty promises of iOS applications and forget to look up and notice real people walking by " ...
- Heidi Isern

Open your mind to new people and new possibilities - don't overlook or refrain from what could be great experiences/moments because of your insecurities, pride, arrogance, or ego.

Don't live your life as if you are too good for anything - or anyone - especially because those people you ignore, avoid, or disrespect, could be those very same people that may have been able to provide you with something of substance ...

... a better perspective, outlook, understanding - possibly change your life for the better.

Ultimately, making you ... an even better you.

- MG

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