'Comfort Zone' ... 2.6%

" Are we really comfortable where we are in life, or are we just settling because we don't believe we can get any better?

Most people I have met try to portray that they are comfortable, yet once they really open up it seems there are many things that they wish they could achieve or attain.  It's then evident by their constant disappointment that they are quite uncomfortable.  Every time someone asked me how I was, I would reply with the works 'not bad' or 'okay.'  For a long time I thought I was lying to myself, until I finally had the feeling of being great.  Life is made up of decisions we make, and accepting a 'not bad' or even 'okay' life is the case for most.  People rarely admit when they aren't doing too well, and believe that they can take cover behind lying to others and themselves.

There is one fact we have to acknowledge: we can't run and we can't hide from ourselves, because everywhere we go, we're there. "

- Daniel Chidiac

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