Ten Reasons ... 2.7%

10 Reasons to Move On From People ...

1. If their end game is always for personal gain.

2. If you continue to hear from them only when they need something. 

3. If anyone in your circle of friends aren't the first to support your business ventures, ideas, or encouraging you to be better.

4. If they never stop to ask you how you're doing.

5. If they only call you to discuss/vent their problems, yet leave no room for you to discuss similar issues/matters.

6. If they aren't working on growing/improving.

7. If all they seem to give you are excuses.

8. If they appear to be jealous throughout any part of your success.

9. If they aren't like-minded individuals, within reason.

10. Lying more than once ... because any additional time after that becomes a decision, not an honest mistake.

Not everyone in your circle is going to work as hard as you to make it across that finish line.

Learn to be okay with this.


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