Project Inspire I ... #LatashaJohnson

I am Posh Gurl.

Queen of Confections, Planner Extraordinaire, Interior Stylist and Cosmetic Maven!

All things that make up The PoshGurl Brand.

Working with countless celebrities, Latasha is known for exclusive desserts, elaborate events and posh home styling, as if that isn't enough, Latasha added another venture to her resume ... House of Posh Cosmetics! 

" I'm a lover of fashion and design.  I'm inspired by beautiful things, difference, and the opportunity to do more of what I love! "

" Where can you indulge in decadent desserts that have couture aspect to them? Or dream of a milestone birthday designed for royalty to leave everyone wondering what will she think of next. "

When it comes to charitable involvement, Latasha has been a huge supporter of breast cancer for the past 15 years.  Founding " Poshitively Pink " when her aunt was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

" As a woman, imagine losing both of your breasts.  I encourage women to get regular mammogram checkups.  Early detection is the best prevention. "

Participating in numerous walks drives and galas, Latasha continues to raise breast cancer awareness to women throughout her community.

" I'm just a girl who decided to go for it! "
- Latasha Johnson, Founder and CEO of The PoshGurl Brand