Tipping Points ... 3.0%

I think we hit a number of stages in our lives that shape us tremendously ... it isn't just one thing that comes along and finally steers us in the direction of " figuring it all out " ...

July 31, 2016 | 0957 est | " Bring it on, I was made for this. "

July 31, 2016 | 0957 est | " Bring it on, I was made for this. "

These stages come in different waves, at ranging speeds, in various forms ... pushing us to a tipping point.

We get hit, knocked down, wiped out almost for some time ... though we recover, mentally or emotionally scarred from what has taken place - some with physical scars that serve as a mark of survival, perhaps a testimony to their perseverance. 

Throughout these stages, you realize just how strong you really are - you experience such a setback and without any hesitation ... it becomes second nature to continue to push through and fight on behalf of yourself and for what you wish to achieve.  

No matter how many doors you step foot in only to be pushed out with those doors closing behind you, move right along to the next opportunity without skipping a beat ... there's no time to feel sorry for yourself, nope, none at all ... there's no time to dwell in sadness or defeat - consider that a waste of precious time if you do - so instead, take responsibility for what happened, find ways to improve, and just keep going.

This is important ... 

Stop caring about what people think of you ... whether you're strong enough, whether your body is aesthetically pleasing enough, whether your personality fits the liking of others, or whether your level of success deems you worthy of something or someone else.

You know you've worked hard to get to where you're at in all aspects of your life ...
... and you're still working, as you should be.

I have failed many times ... I've lost count of the amount of doors that have closed in my face.  Here am I though, trying to inspire and encourage others while on my own journey to success.