Whatever It Takes ... 3.5%

Yesterday, I witnessed a woman on the train a few seats back from me strategically calling employers between stops (not to lose phone service) - pitching herself to each company with about a 30-45 second dialogue that she memorized. After each call, I noticed her frustration coupled with stress and disappointment - she was visibly exhausted from the day, week, month, or year she was having ... 

... you never know someone's struggle or how long they've had to endure it.

Part of me regrets not attempting to offer her any words of encouragement during that time, but she was clearly on a mission - a mission I did not feel it was my place to interrupt.  

What I take away from that particular moment is that she was trying - really trying ... she was using her time wisely - doing whatever it took because she may not have had time to do it later (children, heading to another job, on her way to night classes, etc.)

How she spoke of herself on each answering machine she reached - despite feeling defeated from the day, her tone of voice projected confidence ... something about the effort this woman was putting in is inspiring in itself.

It is also a reminder that often times we are much better off than we may believe - the sight of someone else's struggle is another reason to count your blessings - the roles can always be reversed.

The difference between each person in those roles will show in who has the most heart.