Project Inspire II ... #PatrickBertolini

Italian Model, Trainer, and Traveler.

I introduce - Patrick Bertolini

And here's what he had to say ...

" I am a model and personal trainer - for 3 years now.

I started in the world of fashion by accident and now it has turned into a full-time profession.  This makes me very happy - it's a job that I love very much.

I've always been attracted to the " beautiful " and the search for maximum improvement of yourself - all that is fashion and glamour has always struck me.  

I love taking care of myself and my body.  I train very hard during the week with a healthy and balanced diet.  I love to practice a little of every sport and I match it with constant exercise in the gym.

I think my greatest source of inspiration is not seeing myself as ever "arrived " (reaching a ceiling) - I instead continue to constantly improve myself in all aspects.

I am a very motivated individual and I love to motivate others.

- Patrick Bertolini

Thank you, Patrick - for your willingness to be a part of my project by sharing your story of inspiration.