Why Do We Lose? ... 3.6%

" I just keep losing.  I mean, some people just supposed to lose?  For balance in the universe?  I mean, like are there just some people on Earth who supposed to be here just to make it easier for the winners " ...  
- Earnest Marks, 'ATLANTA'  (tv show) 

 Do you ever feel like you're losing? Like you aren't getting anywhere or going anywhere fast? Or maybe you just feel stuck?

Well, how do you move forward and remove yourself from the rut? 

You look at where you were before and you look at where you are right now - in this very moment. Now even if you are still in the same place physically, you are not in the same place mentally ... your approach and outlook should constantly change for the better. 

We tend to focus on where we aren't as opposed to where we could be, but if we focus our energy on taking the necessary steps (big or small) to propel us forward ... we will be in a much better place in the long run.

It's not easy in the least bit.
You may second guess your decisions.
Your friends may not support you.
You may even lose those same friends.
Your family may not believe in your dreams in the way that you do.

But none of that matters.

Continue to believe in yourself.
Continue to push yourself.
Continue to reach for that next ledge above.

Those who truly appreciate you and believe in you will always remain by your side ... even through your darkest days.

You are only losing if you stop trying.
You are only losing if you give up because of what others say or do.

You are only meant to lose if you believe that you are.

Mind over matter, forever.