The Weight ... 3.8%

Lose it.

Rid yourself of anything or anyone holding you back.
Anyone who is hindering you from heading in the direction you see fit for yourself.
Anything that is distracting you from focusing on what is important to you.

Forget those things.  Remove those people.

Rid yourself of anything or anyone who continues to emotionally or mentally drain you.

Remove anyone who continues to cling to you as dead weight - those who possess that "take-take" mentality - those who only seek you when something is needed.

Holding on will only prevent you from putting your time and energy into the right areas of your life.

Give your time to those who appreciate it.
Go above and beyond for those who are worthy of your kindness.

Not everyone deserves the good that is within you.

Choose wisely.

Don't get so caught up in face-value ...

... because there will always be more to the surface.

Just look closely.