Feel the Fear ... 3.9%

... and go for it, every single time.

This world is not built on kindness and love for all.

You will be tested from all different angles.
You will be tempted - you can be distracted with ease.
Attempts will be made to remove you out of your character.
Many people will tear you down while very few will have the heart to lift you up.

Backdown from nothing.
It is your life to live and your race to win.

Face the challenges you come across.
Running will only delay your battle(s).

Why run when you have what it takes to win? Persevere!

Face your challengers.
Face those who test you.
Face every situation that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Of course, all within reason.

It is important that you prove it to yourself first and foremost - never anyone else.

And whether you trust the process or not - this will only make you better in the end.