Project Inspire III ... #LandonJordan

Atlanta based Session Guitarist and Side Man.

I introduce - Landon Jordan

" I've been exposed to great music my entire life.  Even though no one in my family plays, my Mom and Dad have an eclectic taste in music.  I was always interested in what was going on behind the scenes of these albums (what instruments were being played, who was playing them, etc).  These chameleons who played instruments behind the stars and away from the spotlight would become my heroes.

Fast forward years later and I'm doing just that.  I've been fortunate enough to work with people, such as the producer Major7 (Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, FKi, Ronnie Garrett (local legend), Tres Gilbert, and many more).  Working with local artists has been a big part of the past coupe years as well.  

There is something special about writing music with people from your hometown and creating something organic.  Being on the road not knowing what lies ahead and being in a studio helping artists' vision come to life - those are my passions.  I never take a second of it for granted.  I'm thankful every day to look down at my collection of hundreds of hotel keys and boarding passes knowing that it was my guitar that took me there.

2017 is gearing up to be an incredible year and I can't wait to see what it has in store. "

- Landon Jordan

Thank you, Landon - for sharing your story on how music has impacted and changed your life tremendously.  Great things are in store for you without a doubt!

- MG