Be Thankful ... 5.3%

Often times we find ourselves consumed mentally and emotionally by things that simply do not matter ...

We stress.
We complain.
We focus.

... solely on the negatives.

I was guilty.  I am guilty.

We don't look back to see how far we have truly progressed - whether it's one step, two hops, or just a bicycle ride up the block - remember that it is still progression.

Take pride in your accomplishments, big or small - they serve as a reminder that you can indeed get things accomplished.  Actively work to be better than you were yesterday and be appreciative of the process.

Not one process is like the other - you are creating your own unique story.

Choose to reflect on experiences in your life that you are truly proud of - even if you only have one - continue to reflect and build on top of that experience.

From nothing came something great that you believed in - no one else had to believe in it or appreciate it to a certain degree for you to be satisfied.

Remain positive about your present and your future.

Use your time wisely and only put effort into changing what you can.

Stop wasting energy and thought on what you cannot alter.

Note to self.