Progress ... 6.0%

** Friday, April 28th, 2017 **

It will make a year since my first blog post as Misunderstood Genius.

Time flies doesn't it?

I originally started a similar project back in 2011, but it didn't last long ... it failed for a number of reasons.  The look and feel was off - my topics did not have enough substance - no presence of an outline for posts/ideas - and my audience engagement was nonexistent.  For several years following my scrap of the original, I continued to wish what could be.  I could not live with not trying  at atleast one last time on something I was truly passionate about ... 

... outside of dancing, my lemonade-stand type of advice-offering, and my comedic discourse every now and then.

Somewhere along the line, I felt this could be my mark of success - this one thing - if executed correctly - could make all the difference in the lives of others, but also mine.

I enjoy seeing others persevere despite their negative/harsh circumstances - you learn more and more about yourself - what areas you need to improve in - what is really important in life through personal struggle and witnessing the success of others who have found ways to overcome it.

Truthfully, this project is not where I would like it to be - my content/my messages - the engagement/support - it can all be better - it can all be greater.

It starts with me - no one else - I am aware.
I can do better.  I need to do better.

I am capable of so much more.
I know it - it is rooted deep - potential waiting to be unleashed.

There is plenty work to be done - spreading the word/continuing to build the brand - expanding the audience/reaching the right people - executing the months of ideas sitting in my head despite running this solo.

I made it this far though - almost an entire year.

I just believe it can be more than what it is.

Bare with me, supporters - it will get there.