Project Inspire IX ... #SylvesterBarzey


I introduce - Sylvester Barzey
Lawrenceville, GA (born & raised in Bronx, NY)

" Words are an escape. Life can be hard, days can be bad, and nights can be scary, but a few
well-placed words can save you from anything. " - Sylvester Barzey

I sat down with Sylvester over this past weekend to discuss his creative process, life, upcoming project, and newly-published book of short-stories titled 'Terrifying Tales of Suspense' ...

Check out the interview along with the other links provided below!

TO PURCHASE / SUPPORT - it's only $0.99 - HERE !
(anyone who purchases will receive the first chapter of his upcoming debut novel set to release later this year called 'Planet Dead: Bloodthirsty')
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Sylvester - it was a pleasure to discuss your process and your first book of short-stories.  Please continue to follow your passion and create.  I look forward to the release of your next project.

Thank you.