Social Media ... 6.5%

Social media can make or break all types of relationships and acts of essential open communication.

From statuses to passive aggressive postings (subtweets) - or even using the platform for your personal venting portal ... to the point you become oblivious to the images or feelings you are projecting of yourself onto others in a public forum.

It seems as if we crave and/or desire the extended communication, looking for affirmations from others from what we post and messages (DM's) we send/receive.

What is the point of all the relationships we have built with others outside of this?

Shouldn't we be able to discuss our issues with them?
Shouldn't we be able to receive that comfort/confidence from them?
Are they or are they not a part of our support system?

You may have a spouse at home, but you seek attention from everyone else but him/her on social media platforms ...

... so, what happened to real communication - to building together even when problems arise that can disrupt our forward progression as a unit.

We seek approval and goodness from strangers or people that have no real form of importance in our life on social media.  Our means of communication have created lapses in our processes of forming long-lasting impressionable relationships with others.

Personas on social media will never qualify as real life.

Johnnie may send you a message to comfort you while you are married to Jacob, but Johnnie won't come repair your tire at 10:00pm because you got off work late only to realize your tire is flat.

Choose wisely.  Seek the right attention.  From the right people

We should work to build trust and security with those we care to hold close and/or have invested significant time with ...

Disagreements should not be handled via messages or passive postings hoping the other party will confront you and admit their mistakes - or vice versa - everything you want will not always come to you, even when you deserve it.

There are many great benefits of social media, of course - but build, repair, and secure your relationships with others in a way that is not just face value ... form a concrete foundation of substance.