Project Inspire XIX ... #Yashar

Music Artist
Hip-Hop & RnB

I introduce - Y A S H A R
(from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA)


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Yashar is really getting into a rhythm to be sure he is heard on these sound waves.  

Very down to Earth, hard-working, and truly believes in his ability to create.  He aspires to inspire others through his songwriting in a way that fully captures the listener and keeps them engaged with his charisma.

I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live at the Masquerade here in Atlanta back in mid-February and really appreciated his energy.  You could tell he put a lot of work into his presentation - connecting with the audience and overall stage presence - using his personality to keep the vibes fresh in between songs. I truly believe he will only continue to get better with time.

Watch the interview below - share and comment your thoughts!

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