Sofar Sounds : Atlanta ... 8.1%

My First Experience

This was a well-kept secret from my ears for far too long, but thank you to one of my fellow interviewees, Julie Hanse, from Project Inspire XVI - I found out what SoFar Sounds was doing for the culture of music.

SoFar created a community of secret gigs and intimate concerts across the world - they are live in 370 cities worldwide! 

On Friday, August 25th, Sofar Sounds: Atlanta showcased these 3 artists:

1.     Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart    2.    Lea Herring (Lea-Lea)    3.    Heartland Nomads

Do yourself a favor and give these musicians a quick listen - all three are truly unique in their own respective way.  I had the opportunity to speak with each of them after the show and get a better sense of their personality outside of the limelight.  I was reminded that music continues to unite us despite our various backgrounds and lifestyles through sorrow and/or grief.    

Check out the video below for a small dose of what Sofar Sounds: Atlanta is all about and be sure to share this video across your social media platform if you enjoy what you see. 

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