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Special Education & Behavior Analysis Specialist

I introduce - Jennifer Riley
( originally from Chicago, IL to Atlanta, GA )

I sat down with Special Education Pre-School Teacher and Applied Behavior Analysis Specialist, Jennifer Riley, to discuss her journey, her love for the study of behavior analysis, and the difficulties she has faced as an educator.

Jennifer has had quite a number of breakthroughs in regard to resolving behavioral issues in special needs children. We touch on some of the toughest experiences she has had thus far and how she manages to continue to give 100% each day.

Our educators deserve so much more credit than we as a society give them. I hope this interview sparks constructive thought and sheds light on the emotional, mental, and physical strain that comes with being a full contributor to the future of our up and coming youth of the world while also enlightening you on children’s ability to learn.

Check out the interview below and feel free to send Jennifer any questions you may have as current/future parents and/or teachers:

Jennifer, thank you so much for being available despite your strenuous schedule and for truly being such a dedicated educator.

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- MG

Project Inspire XIV ... #ChrisPhillips

Morehouse Graduate | Educator | Founder of the Jamii Project

I introduce - Chris Phillips
(from Kansas City, MO to Atlanta, GA)

MG_CP 1.jpeg

The Jamii Project will consist of various programs that allow students to learn and create from their imagination.  As the Jamii Project grows as an organization, so will the available programs and content.  Chris is determined to change the landscape of education - with our donations and partnership, this will be the beginning to building a brighter future for students.

Check out the interview below:

Thank you, Chris! - for continuing to enrich and encourage the minds of our youth.  I look forward to your progress with the project's development.