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I introduce - Natalie Levy
Founder of Babes Who Brunch Club
( New York, NY )

I had just recently booked a trip back to New York on a whim to bring in St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the city with some friends. I was scrolling through my explore page on Instagram and came across a photo. You never know what to expect once you click to view the full profile of other Instagrammers, but I found this particular profile to be different than most. I read ‘ Community Coaching Life ‘ followed by photos of a woman who seemed to be well traveled, adventurous, bold, and surrounded by other women in an office/network event setting as opposed to bars/restaurants. Since her location popped up as NYC, I decided to inquire about meeting up at some point during my visit - the rest is history.

I love Instagram for the simple fact that it provides the opportunity to meet exceptional people around the world.

Natalie wasn’t always as self-confident and self-motivated as she is now. In the interview, we discuss a bit of her upbringing to look at the pieces that formed the foundation of who she has become today and how she uses her skills, abilities, and network to support the dreams/goals of other women through her Babes Who Brunch Club.

Take a look at the video below, share your thoughts, and don’t forget to check out the links underneath.

Instagram | Babes Who Brunch Club | Website

Thank you, Natalie - for your honest and open dialogue and creating a community for women to continue lifting each other up to reach new heights.

Inspire | Encourage | Motivate

- MG