Project Inspire XVII ... #DennisDixon

Young Entrepreneur

I introduce - Dennis Dixon
(from Miami, FL to Lawrenceville, GA)

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I met Dennis through a mutual friend of mine and I had to come check him out once I heard about what he was doing.  From our interactions, I have found that he is highly motivated, very ambitious, passionate, and definitely takes pride in his business.

I had the pleasure of visiting his store this past weekend, which gave me an opportunity to see him in his own element and personal workspace.  He will be having his grand opening on Saturday, July 8th, 2017 from 10:00 to 6:00pm (correct date, he had to change it last minute after video upload)

960 Pleasant Hill Rd. Lawrenceville, GA 30044

If you or any family members of yours are in the area, please go show him some love.  I'm proud of what he has accomplished thus far - keep striving, bro!

Check out the interview below:

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Project Inspire XV ... #MarcusWhite

GA State Alum | Accountant | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur 

I introduce - Marcus White
(from San Jose, CA to Atlanta, GA)

I was fortunate enough to meet the exceptionally intelligent, highly-motivated, and ambitious 23-year old at a mutual friend's birthday party not too long ago.  We chatted for a bit and I extended the invitation to be a part of my Project Inspire series.

The motivational speaking journey for Marcus started when he attended a meet-up event called Passionate About Being Your Best Self ... the host of the event asked if anyone else would like to stand up and say a few words - with no hesitation, Marcus took the stage and simply spoke from the heart.  From there, he started to frequent the events - speaking from personal experience and life lessons he has learned thus far.  He has also recently quit his corporate accounting job to start his own accounting/bookkeeping business ... he truly has 100% faith in himself and his abilities.

Check out the interview below:

You can find Marcus at the Buckhead Library the last Saturday of every month at 3:00pm and also at Strongbox West the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7-7:30PM.

Thank you for being a part of the series, Marcus - I look forward to hearing more of your inspiring words and witnessing your well-deserved success.


Project Inspire XII ... #MarissaSwanson

Architectural Designer & Founder/CEO of TOSS, LLC

I introduce - Marissa Swanson
(Atlanta, GA previously Cedar Rapids, IA)


I enjoyed sitting down with Marissa and discussing her app (TOSS) and her progress as a designer/entrepreneur in the start-up world.  She is very open-minded, passionate, and remains eager to learn with every opportunity - I appreciate her positive attitude as well as her diligence.  

Looking for inspiration? - then check out the interview below!

Thank you again, Marissa! - looking forward to the app's release in the near future!