A Day with Stefania ... 8.9%

Australian Model

I introduce - Stefania Ferrario
( originally from Canberra, Australia)

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So, how did we get here?

Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on a couch in Upper Manhattan wondering what the day will bring forth.  I'm swiping through Instagram stories, sipping on a glass of room temperature water, and I see that a model I've followed since 2014 is coming to New York.  Her story reads, " any photographers or artists in the area, I'd love to collab, send me a DM " ...

I'm aware that she has over 600,000 followers and her inbox might be completely overloaded, but I replied anyway: " Hey, I'm actually here visiting friends and family from Atlanta - I'd love to do a quick 5 to 10-minute interview about your journey. "

Fifteen minutes later, I checked my phone and see this message, " Ok, let's do it! - I arrive Sunday late-afternoon so let's touch base then! "

After spending nearly an entire day together - honestly - she is one of the most charismatic, genuine, and kind souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

See for yourself.

Thank you, Stefania - for being open to meeting with me and discussing a number of topics both on and off camera.  I truly appreciated our dialogue.

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Project Inspire XIII ... #NateBittinger


I introduce - Nate Bittinger
( Calvert, MD )

I bookmarked Nate's Facebook page with the intention of reaching out when I first stumbled upon it months ago.  It wasn't until I was scrolling back through my favorites just last week, found him via Instagram, and contacted him for an interview to discuss his background and work.

He has an archive of creative and compelling photography on his social media as well as a mini-photo/film documentary, titled 'The Places I Go' ... a cinematic look behind the places he traveled during his 15-week challenge back in 2016.  Be sure to check out the interview below!

Thanks again, Nate! - I enjoyed our dialogue and I am looking forward to your upcoming projects!