Lend a Hand ... 8.6%

Because you never know when you may end up in a similar situation.

Offer insight to those around you - let them choose to accept or decline.

Attempt to prevent others from making poor decisions and/or make mention of a better method.

If you have connections - forward that person's information who is in desperate need of a job or looking to excel in a particular field.

Please do not let the ' I don't want them to end up being better than me ' mentality stop you from completing selfless acts.

If you know you can change someone's day for the better, then do so - it is not about what they did or did not do for you.

Think less about what you can receive and more about what you can give.

It's simple.

These acts of kindness do not require money or an extensive amount of your personal time.

Inspire | Motivate | Encourage


Community ... 6.2%

I wanted to discuss a topic that has been on my mind lately.

First off, I am not perfect and I do not have it all together ...

I am fully aware that there is work to be done.  I am actively working to improve and learn more about myself and others.

But, I feel we have truly lost the sense of what it means to be a COMMUNITY ...

We choose not to help others - friends, family, strangers - even when the opportunity presents itself. 

We would rather be proud to be above someone else, than to step down and lend a helping hand.

We smile at failures and glare at the successes of others.

I personally witness people that vocalize day in and day out via in person and social media - " you should bleed kindness " - " spread peace and love " ... yet some of those same people belittle others, disrespect others, are self-centered, and put themselves on a pedestal after a " good " deed.

What happened to humble gestures - not doing something solely for the limelight ... but because that is what a decent human being should do while wanting nothing in return.

At the end of the day, even if you have absolutely nothing to give - words of encouragement or time can go a long way.

If you choose to be about peace, love, and kindness - then be about it in full.

Don't hesitate to do what you can if you are blessed enough to improve someone else's situation.