Confidence ... 7.6%

I truly believe I missed out on a multitude of things throughout my youth ...

... opportunities and experiences that would have shaped my life to be much different today.

Confidence was something that I lacked greatly.  From the ages of about nine to twenty, I struggled to find myself in the smallest of ways to even know where to start evolving as a young man.  Some days and nights I thought I would have it figured out.  I felt that I was in a good place only for a situation to arise and reality would immediately set in.

I gave up on myself.
I accepted outcomes I truly did not deserve.

Fear had taken complete control over my life.

No right amount of verbal affirmation will change you into who you wish to be, but it can start the process of your personal growth.

Accept the fact that no one can build you.

You can be provided with the tools, but learning how/when to use them is key.

Remove the doubt that changing years of habit is impossible.

Let your failures fuel your aspirations.

I am a walking example of someone who made a complete turnaround.

The acceptance of all of my regrets and full acknowledgement of personal letdowns over the years taught me valuable life lessons in the long run.  It took me over ten years to even view myself in the right light and I am still learning how to consistently inspire, motivate, and believe in myself at a higher level for growth/success.

I can admit that it is a never-ending process. 

I can admit that this part of life requires an infinite amount of work, but if you cannot choose to invest 100% effort into yourself ... 

... then what exactly are doing with your life?

Regardless of your circumstances, always believe that changes can be made.

Inspire | Motivate | Encourage


In Your Eyes ... 6.7%

Do you ever wake up in the morning and take a long look at yourself in the mirror?

Maybe you just stare and contemplate everything that has taken place thus far. Maybe you ponder whether or not you actually have a decent plan in life, if you know where you're going, or if the path you have chosen is the right one for you.

Do you ever have those moments where you see a photo or video of yourself - or someone describes you in a way that you deem unflattering - or you go to the gym and see everyone who has the body type you're steadily working to attain while you may or may not be pleased with your progress?

How about when you attend an event and you see friends/peers/strangers coupled up while you came alone - it's not that you don't know anyone at said event, but you don't have that one person to fully enjoy the experience and reflect, together.

Or maybe those in your circle own homes or other property while you still rent an apartment - maybe they drive new and improved top of line vehicles while you still drive an '03 Corolla because that is all you can afford - maybe most of your friends are married with children or others have traveled overseas more times than you have fingers on your hand.

Well, just remember this.

None of the above defines you. 

Though you will always be your own worst critic, you can always be your own biggest fan as well.  Choose to be the latter of the two each and every time - the one that will without a doubt best suit your growth.

Be kind to your body.
Be kind to your mind.
Ultimately, be respectful to yourself.

Negativity will always present itself in various forms in attempt to hinder you.

Envision the best version of yourself any time your eyes meet in a mirror regardless of what people have tried to make you believe in your lifetime - regardless of the mindless and absurd standards society has presented us.

At one point in my life, I weighed a little over 100lbs.  I was the skinny kid that wore round Harry Potter-like glasses, had freakishly long arms, wrists the size of half-dollar coins, chicken legs, and oversized ears.  I was the smallest person amongst my friends for quite some time - of course, I experienced self-confidence issues because of it.  I was also overly shy most times to boot ... but today, you wouldn't even know that to be true.

I am a positive voice for the youth, my friends, my peers, and many others.  I have received affirmations/accolades for things not based on my physical appearance or status ... such as my ability to listen, to understand, resolve conflict, my sense of humor, and other aspects of my personality that leave a lasting impression.

Your being defines you.

Looking back, I wish I possessed the courage and self-respect for myself then as I do now, but I learned a number of valuable lessons and was able to improve immensely because of it - and truthfully, that was only the tip of the iceberg involving my self-improvement phase(s).

However, the point is ...

... you will be as great as your mind allows you to be.

Speak it into existence with every opportunity you are afforded and the rest will surely fall into place.