Project Inspire VII ... #Fab5Freddy

A true artist to the core.

I introduce - Fab 5 Freddy
BedStuy - New York City, New York

I had the pleasure of interviewing the visual artist and hip-hop pioneer while he was on the road in San Francisco. 

There was so much more I wanted to discuss, but very glad I was able to speak to someone with such a wealth of knowledge on art and culture - definitely loved taking it all in ...   

Please listen to it in its entirety - headphones encouraged - much love!

The first video he directed ...
KRS-One, " My Philosophy " (1988)

One of his mentors and a friend of his father's - introduced protest music ...
Max Roach, 'We Insist!' Freedom Now Suite (1960)

 A recommended classic ... 
Miles Davis, 'Doo-Bop' (1992)

Thank you, Fab!