Spoken Word IV ... #MorsusEngel

'Music Signifies Something Significant'

" There's a moment in life,
Where you hear your favorite song for the first time.
And your breath escapes through your clenched
teeth, anticipating the rise and fall of hypnotizing song.
Your body becomes one with the lyrics and your fingers tap out
unidentifiable beats on your drum shaped kneecaps.
Your shoulders shift and your eyes close to heighten the holy experience.
Suddenly the music creeps through your toes and speeds up your
veins for a direct ride to your distant heartbeat.
And my goodness, have you ever heard a song so beautifully executed as this?
And when it is over, you'll take a minute to let a small smile
creep up your cheeks before hitting replay for the very first time.
You'll share the sacred song with those who are closest to you
and you'll embrace the moments that the music lights your ribs on fire.

Or maybe you'll listen to it with the indifference spiraling around
your tongue.  Maybe the song will grow on you, like the second
time you read 'The Catcher in The Rye' only to find the bitter
honesty beneath it all.  And then you'll be hitting replay until it's
all your fingers know how to do.
You'll have many favorite songs in your lifetime.  They will all
signify starts of eras in your heart, and they will all claim spots in
your memory to reside within.  They will exist in unison, each so
different from the next, yet all sharing the same ear.
And you already know the feeling you get when one comes on
again.  Where floodgates break loose, and suddenly your thoughts
all look like that hurricane you once let build up inside you.
But my god,
This is such a fucking good song. "

by Morsus Engel