SHIFT : Innovation & Inclusion Pitch Contest ... 8.0%

On Thursday, August 24th, I attended the 2017 SHIFT Pitch Contest (organized by Surthrive Labs) that took place at the Atlanta Tech Village.  SHIFT aims to bridge the diversity gap in technology and give Atlanta's rising women and minority led start-ups a chance to win resources to assist with the growth and overall scope of their start-up company - to include a free membership at Atlanta Tech Village, 120k Microsoft service package, and more. 

The pitch contest consisted of these 5 start-up finalists - including my Project Inspire XII interviewee, Marissa Swanson, of TOSS, LLC.

I have provided a link to each start-up participant below for any and all inquiring minds!

Vendorspace      |||||      TOSS      |||||      CLTCH      |||||      SeatCheck      |||||      Qoins

The judges of the event were as follows:

Be sure to check out the amazing entrepreneurs above - true examples of taking risks for success - perservering despite the setbacks faced along their journeys - and also advocates of being assets to society!

Congratulations to the Winner : QOINS (left)

Runner-Up : VENDORSPACE (right)

Great job to all of the start-up participants along with a thank you/shout-out to the organizer and host of the event, Justin McLeod, founder of Surthrive.

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