Euphoria ... 8.3%

Biking ... probably the best part of the entire trip.

Not filming my ride across the Golden Gate Bridge ... undoubtedly the worst part.

I cannot believe I did not even attempt to mount the GoPro on my bag until after crossing over the bridge, but the feeling I had cruising in that crispy weather was unlike any other - maybe that is why I enjoy it so much.

It's the simple moments like the one below that I will never forget.

ALWAYS make time for what makes you happy and cherish each of those moments every single time. 

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Taking a Break! ... 8.2%

[ 10:30pm : now playing : 'Yes, I'm Changing' by Tame Impala ]

We all need a break every now and then - away from everything we are used to - the repetition that follows us daily.

I wanted to travel to a new city for my birthday and I had my mind set on Portland, Maine.  It has always been on the list as long as I can remember.  From hiking to ocean views to the nightlife to an excellent variety of food choices - it seemed like the perfect destination for me.  However, the cost of flights to and from were surprisingly high and after weeks of searching for a deal ... a flight to San Francisco, California popped up for $250 RT ... listen, round-trip!  The first vision board I ever created had San Francisco as an end goal I would eventually call my new home.  I guess you could say things worked out exactly how they were supposed to.

So, I immediately booked my flight and Airbnb.

This trip could not have come at a better time.  I needed to clear my head, regroup, and figure out a plan of action upon my return to Atlanta, Georgia - not just for the blog, but for my life in general.

Changes need to be made.
Some changes are already happening. 

Do whatever is necessary to remove stress and worry from your heart and mind because life is indeed too short.

Regardless of what you may have going on in your life - be kind to your heart, body, and mind.

You owe it to yourself.

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