Music of the Week ... #Alic

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A l i c
Houston, TX


One of the many reasons I love SoundCloud ...

... you can stumble upon so many artists from all different backgrounds that possess particular skillsets and talent.  Alic has released a number of different tapes, but this one below in particular piqued my interest the most thus far.  In reference to ' The Abstract Mixtape ' specifically, Alex wrote, " My first body of God inspired music ... enjoy ... I hope it touches you. "

My personal favorites are ' Personal ' - ' Making Progress ' - ' Light ' & ' End Game Interlude ' (that beat is so dope to me too).

Hope you enjoy!

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Music of the Week ... #KayyNova

Neo-Soul | R&B | Jazz | Trap-Soul

Kaylia ' Kayy Nova ' Nelson
Las Vegas, NV


I have found that Kayy is a woman of many talents and successes already, but I was drawn to her sound first.  My favorites off of ' The Notebook EP ' are " Be Strong " and " Outerspace. " 

Take a listen and appreciate the dopeness that she is - show some much deserved love and share if you would like!
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Project Inspire XVI ... #JulieHanse

Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist

I introduce - Julie Hanse
(from Paris, FR to New York, NY)

Photo by Sara Laufer (@sarlauf)

Photo by Sara Laufer (@sarlauf)

So, as I type this, I am listening to her debut EP titled, Moeurs Profanes, for about the hundredth time - released on May 2nd, 2017.  Moeurs Profanes is composed of five tracks that seem to sync perfectly with one another to form a complete body of work - seamless play from start to finish. 

The first track I ever heard from Hanse was Track 3 of the EP titled, " It's Not " on Soundcloud.

I had the pleasure of speaking with her on several occasions prior to this interview and let me just say - she is an amazing individual, full of charisma, and her personality shined through with each interaction we had.

Check out the interview below!
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Julie, I wish you nothing but the best on your journey through life and I look forward to your future releases and creative visuals.


Music of the Week ... #RaleighRitchie

I try to introduce you to music that isn't mainstream or featured heavily on any of the other available music platforms, so check out this actor/singer ... 

Raleigh Ritchie
Bristol, England

MG_Raleigh Ritchie.jpg

Project Inspire VIII ... #Samoht

Singer, Songwriter ...

I introduce - S a m o h t
Brooklyn, NY

I reached out to Samoht after seeing a short clip of him doing a 'song challenge' via Instagram in a post shared by Abbey Smith.  Samoht is an intelligent and unique artist who has spent a vast amount of time developing his craft - years of training and dedication to formulate his own sound.  Along with his captivating vocals, he has a great personality to boot - check out my interview with him below.

It was truly a pleasure to interview you, Samoht - I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and discussion.  I have no doubt that we will keep in touch.  As I said before, you have all the right attributes - continue to outwork yourself and no one can touch you, my dude ... respect!