Project Inspire XIII ... #NateBittinger


I introduce - Nate Bittinger
( Calvert, MD )

I bookmarked Nate's Facebook page with the intention of reaching out when I first stumbled upon it months ago.  It wasn't until I was scrolling back through my favorites just last week, found him via Instagram, and contacted him for an interview to discuss his background and work.

He has an archive of creative and compelling photography on his social media as well as a mini-photo/film documentary, titled 'The Places I Go' ... a cinematic look behind the places he traveled during his 15-week challenge back in 2016.  Be sure to check out the interview below!

Thanks again, Nate! - I enjoyed our dialogue and I am looking forward to your upcoming projects!


Project Inspire VIII ... #Samoht

Singer, Songwriter ...

I introduce - S a m o h t
Brooklyn, NY

I reached out to Samoht after seeing a short clip of him doing a 'song challenge' via Instagram in a post shared by Abbey Smith.  Samoht is an intelligent and unique artist who has spent a vast amount of time developing his craft - years of training and dedication to formulate his own sound.  Along with his captivating vocals, he has a great personality to boot - check out my interview with him below.

It was truly a pleasure to interview you, Samoht - I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and discussion.  I have no doubt that we will keep in touch.  As I said before, you have all the right attributes - continue to outwork yourself and no one can touch you, my dude ... respect!