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A l i c
Houston, TX


One of the many reasons I love SoundCloud ...

... you can stumble upon so many artists from all different backgrounds that possess particular skillsets and talent.  Alic has released a number of different tapes, but this one below in particular piqued my interest the most thus far.  In reference to ' The Abstract Mixtape ' specifically, Alex wrote, " My first body of God inspired music ... enjoy ... I hope it touches you. "

My personal favorites are ' Personal ' - ' Making Progress ' - ' Light ' & ' End Game Interlude ' (that beat is so dope to me too).

Hope you enjoy!

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Project Inspire IV ... #EricaFarnsworth

Actress, Writer, and Comedian.

I introduce - Erica Farnsworth
Los Angeles, CA

" Life is hard!  And fun and scary and meaningful and HILARIOUS.

Life ... real life is what inspires me.

Taking the mundane and sometimes unpleasant aspects of day to day humanity and putting a comedic voice to them allows me to connect with the world.

After going through some challenges in my late teens I rediscovered my love of making people laugh and the connection it creates between us all.  Life is short and the more time I am grateful to have here, the less I take everything so seriously.  And if that means making ridiculously silly and stupid videos that sometimes don't even make sense, then that's ok by me.

At the end of the day, my goal is simple: to bring laughter and joy to someone who may be experiencing pain so that in that moment, they can experience some hope to help them continue on their journey. "

- Erica Farnsworth

Check out one of her videos below: