Breathe Out ... 9.0%

Got an interview coming next week, but I have a message for you ‘til then …

Breathe Out

Right now
Whatever you are holding onto …
Breathe out
And let it go …

Free yourself
From your past
From your mistakes
From your worries
From those causing adverse effects in your life

Never be afraid
Never doubt your strength
The ability …
To remove yourself from an environment
To move upward and onward
To pick yourself up despite how far you have fallen …

Choose to be strong
Choose to be a light

Hold only onto things that bring you joy
Seek happiness
Remain true to yourself
Be mindful of your health
Don’t get lost into chasing a monetary idea of wealth

Free yourself and just be
Always be the best you that you can be …


Inspire | Encourage | Motivate

- MG

Value ... 7.8%

You don't have to convince anyone to give you a chance.

You don't have to beg for an apology.

You don't have to try to show people what they cannot seem to see.

You don't have to prove that you are worth it all and so much more.

It goes unsaid.

It will speak for itself.

It can be recognized, BUT if it is not appreciated, then it is NOT deserved.

Inspire | Motivate | Encourage


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Spoken Word VI ... #MisunderstoodGenius

I started writing more as of late on a number of different topics and decided to put a little something together for this particular piece.  This blog features quite a few personal experiences embedded within my posts - plus situations and/or occurrences from the lives of others to present a variety of positive messages to my audience.  I now tell people, if you really want to get to know me, then read my blog ; )

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and enjoy!

' I Wish '

Never allow anyone to destroy your spirit.

Fight for yourself no matter the odds you face.

With your back up against the wall, play to your strengths!

Inspire | Motivate | Encourage


Spoken Word V ... #MisunderstoodGenius

' Untitled '

And someone asked me,
What is it that you're pushing for ...
Well, I'm longing for an attitude with latitude
'Cause I figured I'd be grateful if I got it
Finally, just a little piece of happiness
May as well carry it in my pocket ...
To have it pressed firm and sealed tight,
Right up against that photo she used to have tucked in her locket,
Only to toss the lock, but keep the key,
Cry for help but continue running from me ...
I am a man but not a monster,
A brawler if need be, I'll fight for what is right - for what is good
The truth you will always hear from me
'Cause I never met a good lawyer, trust me ...
All too familiar, she's aware, I know
I have fond memories of broken dishes and furniture in my old foyer ...

[ end ]

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but I felt like writing a little something - leave your thoughts in the comments section and check out the archives tab for the others.  

See you next week! : )

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Confidence ... 7.6%

I truly believe I missed out on a multitude of things throughout my youth ...

... opportunities and experiences that would have shaped my life to be much different today.

Confidence was something that I lacked greatly.  From the ages of about nine to twenty, I struggled to find myself in the smallest of ways to even know where to start evolving as a young man.  Some days and nights I thought I would have it figured out.  I felt that I was in a good place only for a situation to arise and reality would immediately set in.

I gave up on myself.
I accepted outcomes I truly did not deserve.

Fear had taken complete control over my life.

No right amount of verbal affirmation will change you into who you wish to be, but it can start the process of your personal growth.

Accept the fact that no one can build you.

You can be provided with the tools, but learning how/when to use them is key.

Remove the doubt that changing years of habit is impossible.

Let your failures fuel your aspirations.

I am a walking example of someone who made a complete turnaround.

The acceptance of all of my regrets and full acknowledgement of personal letdowns over the years taught me valuable life lessons in the long run.  It took me over ten years to even view myself in the right light and I am still learning how to consistently inspire, motivate, and believe in myself at a higher level for growth/success.

I can admit that it is a never-ending process. 

I can admit that this part of life requires an infinite amount of work, but if you cannot choose to invest 100% effort into yourself ... 

... then what exactly are doing with your life?

Regardless of your circumstances, always believe that changes can be made.

Inspire | Motivate | Encourage