Glimpse of the Escape ... #CALIFORNIA

I feel inspired.
I feel motivated.
I feel free.

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Project Inspire ... #ATLStreetsEdition

Before you watch this clip I wanted tell you a little bit about it ...

I wanted to find out what people are inspired by - what are every-day people in the city working towards - what motivates them - what pushes them further - who are they aspiring to become ... 

This project removed me from my comfort zone - randomly approaching so many different demographics.  It taught me how to better reach and interact with others on-the-go.  How do you get someone's attention during the busiest hours in a major city?  People walking/running in droves through the Atlanta streets - to lunch - from lunch - to meetings - to the gym - and back to the office.  I had to get people to stop and once that happened, I could talk about my idea and what I'm trying to do.  I had several great conversations that were off-the-record with those interviewed and with many of those who provided their take on the subject, but did not want to be filmed.


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Do yourself a favor ... step outside of your comfort zone.

An Artist's Story #Gallant ... 1.1%

... ( pronounced GAH-LAWNT) ... 

I first discovered him early last year ... he had a unique sound, one that I hadn't heard anything like in quite some time.

" I think me getting better was just a result of me constantly doing things in solitude " ...
- Gallant

Sometimes we need to step back and really evaluate our process/plans and make necessary changes that will only propel us in a better direction.  Of course, this is always easier said than done ... but COMMIT ... even through trial and error, figure out what works for you and keep to your strengths, but don't ignore your weaknesses.  Find ways to improve ...

Failure is inevitable, but it does not have to be forever ... you will fail at times in life, but it is 100% about what you do post-failure - your approach, your attitude - these two things are vital.

Remember, everyone's story is different - it doesn't make your struggle any more or less significant than the next ... the bottom line is to experience a form of growth from whatever you endure in life and continue to push forward despite any obstacles on your path.


Feel free to check out some of his tunes via SoundCloud or Spotify.

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YOU v. YOU ... 0.9%

" Everyone can't be the best, but challenge yourself to defeat yourself " ... 
Mickey Factz

Sometimes we do things for all the wrong reasons ... sometimes we aim to please those who don't appreciate any of what we have to offer ... sometimes we waste all of our time worrying about our insecurities instead of being grateful for what simply is ... sometimes we don't put our efforts into creating something of meaningful value or substance ... 

We hinder ourselves before we even get started.

We don't take advantage of our full potential, we lose sight of our journey, we lose focus, we throw our dreams away, we let others dictate our path based on various criticisms we receive throughout life ... we stop challenging ourselves to be great. 

WHY? ...

Strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Unleash your true potential.


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